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Selected works in product visualization, explainers, courtroom graphics, personal projects, and more

geothermal energy

A novel approach for combatting climate change

Explainer: Geothermal Energy — Enhancing Our Future

Emerald Ash Borer

A unique look at an invasive species

PSA: Emerald Ash Borer — Cycle of Destruction

brake shoe grinder

A mechanic's device for "re-truing" automobile brakes

Product visualization: Ammco Brake Shoe Grinder

greenhouse effect model

A mechanism to illustrate greenhouse gases

Personal project: Greenhouse effect clockwork model

Subjective Constitution of the Senses

An exploration of surrealism and the grotesque

Personal project: The Subjective Constitution of the Senses

slurry wall failure courtroom animation

Revealing a hidden mishap

Courtroom explainer: Slurry wall failure


Getting into the holiday spirit

Product visualization: Christmas ornaments

dual anchor spreader courtroom animation

Railroad repair at work

Courtroom explainer: Dual Anchor Spreader


Getting the details just right

Product visualization: Scaffold hook

toothbrush patent courtroom animation

Comparing two product designs

Courtroom explainer: Toothbrush patent infringement


Making deliveries across the Midwest year-round

Printed media: SpeeDee Delivery Service calendar

Many of my projects fall under non-disclosure agreements so unfortunately,

I am not able to show them. If you don't see what you're looking for, just hop over to the contact form on my About page and ask about your project!

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