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About Shannon Gilley

Over the past 20+ years I've had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects, from leading the 3D modeling effort of a Disney TV series, to helping bring Target's global product visualization pipeline into the virtual realm, to directing commercial animation for Mattel, to creating expert testimony graphics in multi million-dollar litigation.

Through experiences like these, coupled with many years of teaching animation at the Baccalaureate level, I've learned the importance of communicating with clients, supporting your teammates, and honing an interdisciplinary craft to be able to tell an engaging visual story. 

Shannon Gilley

Whether taking a project from start to finish or collaborating with a team, I enjoy wearing various hats of the production pipeline including modeling, look development (surfacing), animation, UV layout, lighting, and other creative tasks. Leveraging the unique power of animation to motivate, entertain, or inform an audience is what drives my creative impulses ... how can I put them to work for you?

Let's work together!

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